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Take a look at what services we offer and feel free to discuss any of them with our support team
Due to the complexity of the services we provide, it is rarely possible to standardize the prices in advance. Feel free to contact us to negotiate on prices of particular services and cooperation conditions.

Main Services

There is a set of named services Alta Prime provides for companies either in project cooperation mode or in buy-and-get fashion. The list of these services is conditioned by the scale and profile of our production capacities. We do both one-off jobs and co-ops on a going basis.
Typically we work on the following basis:

  • Time and materials
  • Fixed price
  • Onsite or outsourced

Alta Prime provides:

Web development. You can request the creation of a website, a mobile version of it, as well as a mobile application. Making promo sites and landing pages also refers to this sphere. We work upon web development tasks of any difficulty since we have an entire team of programmers. Moreover, you are free to order an assembly website created via Tilda, WordPress, or Joomla service, which is always a great low-cost solution.

UI/UX redesign. This service is usually inherent to website or application development. However, you might want to leave the main functionality of the existing web product as it is but redesign its visual components for the sake of user experience. We regard this as a service that you can order separately.

Design, which includes the creation of corporate identity, illustration, digital art, 2d/3d animation, videography, and motion design. Our art and design staff can execute stand-alone works not connected to website development. You can order at Alta Prime the creation of any visual element up to video content and animated 3d scenes.

Technical support and maintenance. As you accept the job from us, you might want to have our specialists within your reach for technical support. Such desire is reasonable in case it was a development of a highly complex system. Alta Prime gladly provides such support.

Product Testing. If you create digital products and do not have enough workforce for a thorough quality assessment, you can outsource testing to us. Our team of developers includes professional QAs who will execute all the stages of your product's testing.

Marketing Supervision

You want your enterprise to meet its network audience with maximum efficiency. That's where we, Alta Prime, extend our hand to you.

We know the nuts and bolts of our trade, be it the best service providers for a particular industry or ways to decrease costs at various stages of the plan implementation. Within this service plan, we offer the basis of your product promotion.

What we guarantee is the marketing foundation that a company must have to be commercially viable. These are things to be done before you are good to excogitate any risky marketing brainchildren. No onlooker, however, will call your attention to omissions in your advertising plan.

If you want solid, professionally planned marketing support for your operations, Alta Prime Marketing Supervision is the best option for your business. A low-cost solution to pay off rapidly.

Marketing Administration

Within this service model, Alta Prime does not confine its activity to the promotion of your product using all your existing marketing groundwork. If you order Marketing Administration, you will get a profound revision of the approaches you’re using. Our preliminary analysis will define what should be changed and to which extent. In-market positioning of the product, rebranding, if needed, conceptualizing — we take everything upon ourselves.

Since Marketing Supervision is rather about securing the necessary things properly (which is already an edge over many of your competitors), Marketing Administration implies a much higher level of cooperation with your business’s board. It brings in more initiative and proactive activities. You’re getting full-fledged marketing guidance.

Project Management

This option is perfect for a new start when you have an idea for a project, and you want its marketing dimension to resonate with its intrinsic essence as much as possible. Many things are considered desirable but remain impossible to achieve since the project in question is already on its way. However, if your undertaking is at its inception, the product can still be scrutinized from the marketing viewpoint. Extension of possibilities, integration with other services, or vice versa, narrowing the focus on fewer things – you can make these decisions only before the project launch. Nevertheless, they imply efforts on the part of analysts and technologists.

Alta Prime Project Management is the complete project guidance aimed at the highest profits and longevity of the enterprise. We have all required production capacities at disposal, such as an advertising agency with all up-to-date technology within its reach. This solution is perfect to avoid mistakes and pave the road to success in advance.


We gladly provide one-time or succession of business consultations, analyses, and versatile assistance works. Any situation, no matter how difficult, has its solutions and preferred paths of overcoming. Alta Prime advisory is the way to make the best out of what you have, weigh up the pros and cons before a momentous decision, and make use of the circumstances that others would consider hopeless. We decide the cooperation format for this mode on a case-by-case basis.
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